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Ocean Beach welcomes new surf shop to neighborhood

There’s a new surf shop in the neighborhood and it goes by the name of Sunset Shapers.
Located at 3896 Noriega St. (at 46th Ave.) and spearheaded by OB local James Mitchell, the shop not only retails surfboards from his own brand Las Olas, but also a variety of other Central Coast shapers, demo fins, wax and other essentials, and also houses a shaping room where Mitchell and other aspiring shapers can hone their skills.
Mitchell was generous enough to let me shadow him for a time while he embarked on the intricate and precise process of shaping a board.
Watch the audio slideshow here!

All photos by Lindsey Graham-Jones. “Get On Board” by Oneness, music courtesy of Creative Commons.


OB Bulletin launches!

Today I met up with Tom Prete, co-creater of the Ocean Beach Bulletin, a new hyper local news site covering SF’s outerlands. Prete and his “co-conspirator,” Mark Lukach, a local OB surfer and enthusiast, are a self-professed Laurel & Hardy duo of sorts.
Although the news site is as Prete says, “done on less than a shoestring – it’s dental floss,” it’s got a fresh look and plenty of interesting content – already!
Prete has worked for various newspapers for the last 12 years, and even though he enjoys the romantic aspect of traditional newspapers, he sees the direction that journalism is going and is keeping up with the times by harnessing the power of the net, and tweeting all the while.
Prete and Lukach met nearly a year ago at Java Beach on Sloat, thanks to the power of Twitter’s social network.
Prete was sitting inside when an earthquake shook the building. He tweeted the news, and Lukach, who was relaxing with his wife outside, responded to the tweet, eager to meet Prete face-to-face.
They immediately clicked, joined forces and, voila, only a year later OB Bulletin is born.
The site features regular columns by local writers and bloggers such as “Allison Walks SF.” Allison, a recent transplant to SF, maps her city strollings and documents her adventures with pictures and witty commentary. Reading her blog makes you want to get out there and explore too!
Because the site is mainly produced by a two person team, OB Bulletin is always looking for good pitches, freelance writers, and interns.
If you are “enthusiastic, smart, and willing to work hard for little or no compensation,” says Prete, come on down!
SF State journalists take note, this is a great internship opportunity. And forget getting coffee and making copies all day. Unlike some newsrooms, this one’s got real work to be done, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dive in.

Prete balances the daily tasks of doing interviews for OB Bulletin while changing his 2 1/2 year old son, Ulysses’ diapers. He lives with his family near 40th Avenue and Ulloa.