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An Outerlands Adventure

This video was born out of a love for a very special restaurant in my neighborhood. Ok, so it’s not the most objective reporting I’ve ever done, but you go there and then tell me you aren’t inspired to write a romantic poem about that delicious bread.
Please enjoy, and if you haven’t been yet, go!


Ocean Beach whale mural comes alive

This is a beautifully done video by Angel Marin about the recently painted whale mural at Sunset Co-op Nursery School by Chris Del Moro. Check it out!

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Okay, maybe not ever, but pretty darn close.
If my honey had been around it would’ve been the best for sure. And if I’d gone surfing twice daily. I’m still too freaked of OB to go alone. For good reason I think. Note to self: find surf buddies for weekends like this.
Alas, I’m gonna break all the conventional journalism rules and just write about my weekend, being the first I’ve spent really enjoying my ‘hood while soaking up some well deserved (and rare) Sunset sunshine!
I started the weekend at the Save The Waves Film Festival at the Victoria Theatre in the Mission. Aside from the chaos of bartending for all involved, it was an awesome event. Transparent Sea was inspiring as was 180 Degrees South. Can’t wait to get out and do some more world travel.

Sachi Cunningham debuted a part of her three-part series on big-wave chasing and riding which was a really innovative look at the sport. Her footage featured GoPro shots from the front of the board being ridden into eighty-foot waves. The new perspective definitely heightened the level of respect I have for all of those folks who paddle into giants and successfully tame them. WOW. And by the way, Sachi Cunningham is my new hero and when I grow up (ha ha) I want to be her. Or like her. Do what she does.
Los Angeles Times multimedia crew, hello! I made a connection with her and am STOKED to perhaps maybe who knows have an opportunity to work for/with/alongside her.
I also finally met Ocean Beach Bulletin‘s Mark Lukach face to face! He has been helping me stay in the Sunset loop in regards to stories and connections and I interviewed his partner Tom Prete when the website launched. I have to admit it was kinda awkward as it was my first time meeting someone for real, after web-only contact for some time. Nevertheless it was great to connect in the physical world, and I’m looking forward to a possible internship at the Bulletin next spring.
Saturday morning was a little hazy after the past evening’s tequila and whiskey drinking, but I managed to pull on some shorts (yes, shorts) and meander down to the Sunset Cooperative Nursery School to check out Chris Del Moro‘s whale mural, which is highly worth a trip to see.
I enjoyed it Saturday morning, evening, and Sunday evening again as I cruised by on my evening run. A sweet addition to OB!
My buddy Shane Anderson hadn’t spent much time in the outer regions of SF and what an amazing day!
After the mural peeping, we meandered down to the sand to check out the river of moon jellies that washed up the previous night. Thanks to our friends at OB Bulletin and their breaking news coverage, we knew about the occurrence before we even got out of bed!
Right on local news coverage! That’s what I’m talking ’bout!
So yeah, crazy indeed.
Not sure what the deal was exactly. Some said it was normal, others were freakin’ a bit. Alas.
Shane geeked out (as any good Bio teacher should) and showed me the inner workings of the peculiar creatures. Fascinating and slimy.
Post-jelly fun we headed to Outerlands for some brunch.
Free-range bacon and organic fried egg on homemade toast with some fresh greens was the purrrrr-fect hangover helper. And let’s not forget that bomb ginger lemon apple cider. Sooooo delicious and spicy.
Then we headed to get a cup of coffee at Trouble and window shopped at that little store next door. What is it called?
Super cute, and the backyard has a green house filled with succulents and cacti!!! Yesh!

Then we peeped in Mollusk to see what was up. Amazingly, the peeps working were very friendly! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never felt ‘cool’ enough to shop there. They always play this weird “the customer isn’t right” thing and sometimes don’t even look up when you come in. Weird. And after delivering stellar customer satisfaction four four years at Patagonia, that shite is the epitome of baaaad service.
But not this time, so cool cool.
Then we found a couch in the street and Shane sat on it. He tried to make me, but I have a phobia of abandoned furniture so I declined.
Alison Agosti aka Just_Alison on Twitter said it best when she decided that:
“Bedbugs wouldn’t scare me so much if I could buy tiny hats for them on Etsy.”
After I took Shane to the BART station it was back home for me where I proceeded to skip dinner and sleep eleven hours. Awesomeness continued into the night as I had an epic dream about a Megalodon and whales (thanks Rasta and CDM for putting sea mammals in my brain).
Sunday was just more chill time. I recorded some footage for a video story I’m doing about Outerlands (thank you to Shane for the idea) early morning and then booked north to have brunch with the boys at the Novato firehouse.
Captain Davis brought his sweet little pup to work, a half Australian shepherd half German shepherd that smelled just like puppy! Go figure. Totally cute until it frantically munched some grass, puked up breakfast, and proceeded to just as quickly gobble it all back up. Who’s hungry now?
Then it was home to the beauteous Sunset again for some homeworkin’, facebookin’, sunbathin’, and then another sunset run.
A sweet weekend indeed.

Note: First three photos (from film festival) were taken by Giovanni Agnoli. The rest were taken by me.

Holy Waterproof Camera, Brah! STW Launch Party 11/11

From the STW’s official press release:
Please come out on Thursday, 11/11, at the Park Chalet for an intimate gathering with Save The Waves Coalition, Surfers for Cetaceans, Waves for Development and San Francisco Surfrider:
It’s a Happy Hour Launch Party for Save The Waves Film Festival! (STWFF is the following night, Friday, Nov 12)
WHERE: Park Chalet.
WHEN: 6pm. Thursday, November 11, 2010.
WHY: Get STOKED for Save The Waves Film Festival!
With your $5 donation to Save The Waves you get happy hour prices at the bar all night. This $5 donation also gives you a chance to win tickets to the following night Save The Waves Film Festival at the Victoria Theatre!

“At this Launch Party we will screen BALI HIGH, the seminal 1981 surf classic featuring one of the best soundtracks, ever. We will also screen CAPTURE, a very special short film about the wave-blessed community of Lobitos, Peru and the experience of surf travelers who dedicate their passion to helping local youth. We’re also welcoming surfer-artist-environmentalist Chris Del Moro of Surfers for Cetaceans, and his new mural at Ocean Beach. Other local filmmakers and good friends will be there as well.”

Ocean Beach welcomes new surf shop to neighborhood

There’s a new surf shop in the neighborhood and it goes by the name of Sunset Shapers.
Located at 3896 Noriega St. (at 46th Ave.) and spearheaded by OB local James Mitchell, the shop not only retails surfboards from his own brand Las Olas, but also a variety of other Central Coast shapers, demo fins, wax and other essentials, and also houses a shaping room where Mitchell and other aspiring shapers can hone their skills.
Mitchell was generous enough to let me shadow him for a time while he embarked on the intricate and precise process of shaping a board.
Watch the audio slideshow here!

All photos by Lindsey Graham-Jones. “Get On Board” by Oneness, music courtesy of Creative Commons.

Save The Waves designates first WSR in Malibu

This last weekend, surfers and environmentalists joined together to designate Malibu’s scenic Surfrider Beach as the first World Surfing Reserve.

The ceremonial title was given to Malibu, the first of many to be officially recognized.

Save The Waves Coalition, based out of Davenport and spearheaded by Ocean Beach locals Dean LaTourette and Josh Berry, sent the crew down to educate, celebrate and fundraise.

San Francisco and Santa Cruz surfers joined the So Cal fun, leaving chilly central coast waters behind for a few days of ‘trunking it’ in warmer temps.

The day began with a traditional Chumash ceremony hosted by Chief Mati Waya at sunrise. The warm day began with burning sage and a native blessing of land that once belonged solely to the Chumash people.

Waya wore traditional native dress and as the vibrant sun rose, folks were led in a ceremonial procession that led to a raucous paddle out and a celebratory circle in the sea.

The afternoon speakers included local surfing legend and Malibu mayor, Jefferson “Zuma Jay” Wagner, National Surfing Reserves program founder Brad Farmer, Dean LaTourrette of STW, various speakers of non-profits such as Santa Monica Baykeeper and Malibu resident surfers.

Some epic surfing legends attended such as Gidget, Mickey Muñoz, Allen Sarlo and Peter “PT” Townend.

And then, although the waves measured somewhere around six inches, many grabbed a longboard and flocked to the baby waves for some afternoon playtime.

A startling sight was the number of dead sea urchins washed up on the beach. Some speculated that it was the recent breakthrough of the Malibu lagoon to the sea, after the early rain.

Although the ocean appeared to be clean enough, many stayed on land, afraid of getting sick.

Overall the event was a landmark in the fight for surf break preservation as the local community, and many from afar, came out at sunrise on the weekend to voice their support for the WSR program.

What’s next?

They’ve got their eyes set on many different global surf breaks like Waikiki Beach and J-Bay.

Where do you think should become the next World Surfing Reserve??

See CNN’s iReport video here!

Hardly Strictly celebrates 10th anniversary in GG Park

This past weekend marked ten years in the ongoing tradition of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest in Golden Gate Park. Locals and out-of-towners gathered together to enjoy music, food, and the best people watching to be had.
Acts ranged from Elvis Costello, to Joan Baez, to MC Hammer, and the Avett Brothers. The sun even showed up for a brief minute on Sunday afternoon.
Check out some pics and an audio interview below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Listen to HSBG here!

For more info check out the news story at: http://xpress.sfsu.edu/archives/arts/015398.html

OB Bulletin launches!

Today I met up with Tom Prete, co-creater of the Ocean Beach Bulletin, a new hyper local news site covering SF’s outerlands. Prete and his “co-conspirator,” Mark Lukach, a local OB surfer and enthusiast, are a self-professed Laurel & Hardy duo of sorts.
Although the news site is as Prete says, “done on less than a shoestring – it’s dental floss,” it’s got a fresh look and plenty of interesting content – already!
Prete has worked for various newspapers for the last 12 years, and even though he enjoys the romantic aspect of traditional newspapers, he sees the direction that journalism is going and is keeping up with the times by harnessing the power of the net, and tweeting all the while.
Prete and Lukach met nearly a year ago at Java Beach on Sloat, thanks to the power of Twitter’s social network.
Prete was sitting inside when an earthquake shook the building. He tweeted the news, and Lukach, who was relaxing with his wife outside, responded to the tweet, eager to meet Prete face-to-face.
They immediately clicked, joined forces and, voila, only a year later OB Bulletin is born.
The site features regular columns by local writers and bloggers such as “Allison Walks SF.” Allison, a recent transplant to SF, maps her city strollings and documents her adventures with pictures and witty commentary. Reading her blog makes you want to get out there and explore too!
Because the site is mainly produced by a two person team, OB Bulletin is always looking for good pitches, freelance writers, and interns.
If you are “enthusiastic, smart, and willing to work hard for little or no compensation,” says Prete, come on down!
SF State journalists take note, this is a great internship opportunity. And forget getting coffee and making copies all day. Unlike some newsrooms, this one’s got real work to be done, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dive in.

Prete balances the daily tasks of doing interviews for OB Bulletin while changing his 2 1/2 year old son, Ulysses’ diapers. He lives with his family near 40th Avenue and Ulloa.

Surviving the fog – 5 tips to happy outer city living

Creative Commons - Mike Behnken

Living in the avenues and neighborhoods of SF’s outer parts has many upsides. It’s quiet, there’s parking, close proximity to nature (beach and park), and plenty of that good ol’ rural neighborhoody feelin’!
However, there are some hurdles for each resident to jump as well.
There’s the fog. Sure, some people love it. But no matter how much you adore cool damp air, it eventually messes with your mental state.
We’re mad isolated out here too.
So listen up Sunseters… here are a few tips to keep you on the up and up!
1. Meet your neighbors
They might seem weird/quiet/raucous/creepy – whatever it is you, share common space now, so make nice, even if you’re not going to have dinner together.
2. Get out and go

Creative Commons - Hamed Saber

Not actually leave – although you should do that too – but run/walk/surf/swim/bike, get your blood flowing. Exercise is fantastic for the soul and helps when the fog finally creeps into your brain and becomes depressing.
3. Have a gathering
Whether in the day or night, at your home or in the park, get all your friends to come to your side of town. You’ll feel stoked to show them around a new ‘hood, and they’ll be excited to try something new. Everyone wins!
4. Ride Muni
Even if you’re not going anywhere specific, just explore the city via public transportation. It’s fun, adventurous, and environmentally friendly! You may even find yourself in a sunnier part of town!
5. Watch the sunset
Obviously this is a rare occurrence in the fog-soaked outer lands, but when it does indeed shine through, the sight is epic! Make sure you get somewhere you can see it set, you won’t regret it!

No sunset here

Another beautiful (not freezing) and socked in night here on the outskirts of Fog City. Although it’s quiet, aside from an occasional car humming by, or neighborly squabble, I detect a faint sense of mystery in the air.

Oh, investigative journalist, where art thou?

I live here and yet I know not where to begin. Perhaps I’ll stroll down to Judah Street and look for some trouble. Or some dinner.

Brisk ocean air, muni cars rumbling by, cyclists and seagulls.

I heard about Balsa Man today. I’m sorry I missed it.

A mini Burning Man at Ocean Beach.

Anyone have any fun pictures to post? Please send them in! I found one… check it out.

Photo by Orin Zebest

And what’s next? Hoping for an Indian summer and all the fabulous outdoor joy that comes with it.
Crossing my fingers…