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Sunset whale mural by Chris Del Moro

The Sunset Cooperative Nursery School is the official site of OB’s newest completed mural project, a whale painting by artist Chris Del Moro. The mural project was initiated by Save The Waves, an environmental non-profit organization that works to protect endangered surf spots around the globe. The project was completed over the course of two days and served as an introduction in honoring ocean conservation and the Save The Waves Film Festival on Friday, Nov. 12.
Del Moro is an artist living in southern California whose art has appeared on everything from murals to t-shirts.
The film Transparent Sea, is a documentary (shown at STWFF) about Dave Rastovich’s 700km Australian voyage with friends (including CDM) from Byron Bay to Bondi Beach in Oct. 2009. The crew followed the whales along their migration path to both observe and attract more attention to the majestic and gigantic sea creatures.
According to the Transparent Sea Voyage’s website, inspiration for the journey sprang from environmental concern for marine creatures and the desire to raise awareness and ultimately, someday, real legitimate protection.
“For sixty million years the largest brains on Earth have swam and surfed harmoniously within the ocean. Today, industrialized man threatens the future of our oceans, whales and dolphins via commercial fishing, domestic, industrial and acoustic pollution, and direct kills. The Transparent Sea voyage expresses the surfing worlds desire to surf with cetaceans in an ocean that is clean, clear, and protected.”
Now OB can enjoy land whales too at the Sunset Co-op on the corner of Lawton and Great Highway.