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No sunset here

Another beautiful (not freezing) and socked in night here on the outskirts of Fog City. Although it’s quiet, aside from an occasional car humming by, or neighborly squabble, I detect a faint sense of mystery in the air.

Oh, investigative journalist, where art thou?

I live here and yet I know not where to begin. Perhaps I’ll stroll down to Judah Street and look for some trouble. Or some dinner.

Brisk ocean air, muni cars rumbling by, cyclists and seagulls.

I heard about Balsa Man today. I’m sorry I missed it.

A mini Burning Man at Ocean Beach.

Anyone have any fun pictures to post? Please send them in! I found one… check it out.

Photo by Orin Zebest

And what’s next? Hoping for an Indian summer and all the fabulous outdoor joy that comes with it.
Crossing my fingers…