Fear The Beard!

JT Yeh and Lorenzo Navarro were just another couple of excited Giants fans until they became recognized for what they refer to as a “Fear The Beard movement.”
Fear The Beard refers to the Giants closing pitcher, Brian Wilson, a naturally light-headed man, with a dark dyed beard.
His reputation as an aggressive and fearsome pitcher has been observed by many and imitated by a few.
Not only is his beard a topic amongst ball parkers, but the ‘twittersphere’ has been alive with commentary about Wilson’s furry face mask.

Here are a few of the most comical beard tweets from the Oct. 20 game:
mattufford‎: “I know this old news, but my God is Brian Wilson’s beard spectacular. It’s a glorious combination of Chia & hair implants & stage makeup.”
Twyler‎: “Brian Wilson’s beard is really intimidating, but so are his crazy eyes. I would be scared to face him. Plus, he can kind of throw.”
CREZBasketball‎: “Brian Wilson’s beard gives him super powers I’m convinced.”

Well, whatever Wilson’s beard is really capable of will remain a mystery, his facial hair maintaining a baseball star reputation in itself.

Yeh and Navarro recognize the infamous beard as a style that will go down in history. They each wear their own Wilson-style beard in solidarity. These guys have not missed a game, whether inside AT&T Park or at a neighborhood bar, they make the trek from their homes in Santa Cruz to be there and represent their movement, in full beard-force.

They have even gone as far to get t-shirts printed with their signature ‘Fear the Beard’ logo and graphic, stuffing them into backpacks and bootlegging them far and wide.

But it all really all comes back to the skills behind the beard, and Wilson’s got true game.

According to Yeh, “[Wilson is] the best closer in the National League, and possibly the best in majors. [His beard] can be purple for all I care. I just want to support the team.”

And support we all will, hopefully into the World Series! Go Giants!

Buy cool beard gear and check out the official Fear The Beard website!


Save The Waves Film Festival!

Save The Waves Film Festival on November 12 features “180˚ South” and “Transparent Sea” in San Francisco.

> Tickets are now on sale here for Save The Waves Film Festival.

Save The Waves Coalition is proud to present Save The Waves Film Festival on Friday, November 12, at the historic Victoria Theatre in San Francisco. This second-annual festival is back by popular demand and features an evening of inspiring environmental films, adventure films and surf films. The evening kicks off with live music by local San Francisco superstars My Peoples, (formerly Kapakahi) and a party to benefit Save The Waves.

Save The Waves Film Festival is excited to announce the US premiere of Australian Dave Rastovich’s newest film, Transparent Sea. The festival also features a special screening of 180˚ South and question and answer sessions with the filmmakers and stars of the films. The festival short film program will be announced soon.

Australian free surfer and environmental activist Dave Rastovich is a prominent advocate for the protection of whales and dolphins and is co-founder of the non-profit Surfers for Cetaceans. His exciting new surf-adventure film “Transparent Sea” follows Dave and friends as they sail their tiny 1-person sailboats hundreds of miles along the coast of Australia to follow the annual whale migration while drawing attention to the plight of whales threatened by hunting, pollution and over fishing.

Local documentary filmmaker and journalist Sachi Cunningham will be presented with the festival’s 2010 Awesomest Filmmaker Award. This film festival and fundraiser is one night only, with doors opening at 7pm on Friday, November 12 at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco. Films screen at 8pm sharp. Please arrive early for best choice of seats as it will fill up quickly. This event is 21 and over and a cash bar will be open for service.

Save The Waves Film Festival is presented by Clif Bar, Honolua and Jim Beam.

Zola Acai, My Peoples, Ocean Vodka, and 21st Amendment Brewery also generously support Save The Waves Film Festival.

Tickets are on sale now for this epic evening of films, music, awards and guest speakers. Purchase tickets today at: www.savethewaves.org/filmfestival

Save The Waves designates first WSR in Malibu

This last weekend, surfers and environmentalists joined together to designate Malibu’s scenic Surfrider Beach as the first World Surfing Reserve.

The ceremonial title was given to Malibu, the first of many to be officially recognized.

Save The Waves Coalition, based out of Davenport and spearheaded by Ocean Beach locals Dean LaTourette and Josh Berry, sent the crew down to educate, celebrate and fundraise.

San Francisco and Santa Cruz surfers joined the So Cal fun, leaving chilly central coast waters behind for a few days of ‘trunking it’ in warmer temps.

The day began with a traditional Chumash ceremony hosted by Chief Mati Waya at sunrise. The warm day began with burning sage and a native blessing of land that once belonged solely to the Chumash people.

Waya wore traditional native dress and as the vibrant sun rose, folks were led in a ceremonial procession that led to a raucous paddle out and a celebratory circle in the sea.

The afternoon speakers included local surfing legend and Malibu mayor, Jefferson “Zuma Jay” Wagner, National Surfing Reserves program founder Brad Farmer, Dean LaTourrette of STW, various speakers of non-profits such as Santa Monica Baykeeper and Malibu resident surfers.

Some epic surfing legends attended such as Gidget, Mickey Muñoz, Allen Sarlo and Peter “PT” Townend.

And then, although the waves measured somewhere around six inches, many grabbed a longboard and flocked to the baby waves for some afternoon playtime.

A startling sight was the number of dead sea urchins washed up on the beach. Some speculated that it was the recent breakthrough of the Malibu lagoon to the sea, after the early rain.

Although the ocean appeared to be clean enough, many stayed on land, afraid of getting sick.

Overall the event was a landmark in the fight for surf break preservation as the local community, and many from afar, came out at sunrise on the weekend to voice their support for the WSR program.

What’s next?

They’ve got their eyes set on many different global surf breaks like Waikiki Beach and J-Bay.

Where do you think should become the next World Surfing Reserve??

See CNN’s iReport video here!

Hardly Strictly celebrates 10th anniversary in GG Park

This past weekend marked ten years in the ongoing tradition of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest in Golden Gate Park. Locals and out-of-towners gathered together to enjoy music, food, and the best people watching to be had.
Acts ranged from Elvis Costello, to Joan Baez, to MC Hammer, and the Avett Brothers. The sun even showed up for a brief minute on Sunday afternoon.
Check out some pics and an audio interview below!

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Listen to HSBG here!

For more info check out the news story at: http://xpress.sfsu.edu/archives/arts/015398.html

OB Bulletin launches!

Today I met up with Tom Prete, co-creater of the Ocean Beach Bulletin, a new hyper local news site covering SF’s outerlands. Prete and his “co-conspirator,” Mark Lukach, a local OB surfer and enthusiast, are a self-professed Laurel & Hardy duo of sorts.
Although the news site is as Prete says, “done on less than a shoestring – it’s dental floss,” it’s got a fresh look and plenty of interesting content – already!
Prete has worked for various newspapers for the last 12 years, and even though he enjoys the romantic aspect of traditional newspapers, he sees the direction that journalism is going and is keeping up with the times by harnessing the power of the net, and tweeting all the while.
Prete and Lukach met nearly a year ago at Java Beach on Sloat, thanks to the power of Twitter’s social network.
Prete was sitting inside when an earthquake shook the building. He tweeted the news, and Lukach, who was relaxing with his wife outside, responded to the tweet, eager to meet Prete face-to-face.
They immediately clicked, joined forces and, voila, only a year later OB Bulletin is born.
The site features regular columns by local writers and bloggers such as “Allison Walks SF.” Allison, a recent transplant to SF, maps her city strollings and documents her adventures with pictures and witty commentary. Reading her blog makes you want to get out there and explore too!
Because the site is mainly produced by a two person team, OB Bulletin is always looking for good pitches, freelance writers, and interns.
If you are “enthusiastic, smart, and willing to work hard for little or no compensation,” says Prete, come on down!
SF State journalists take note, this is a great internship opportunity. And forget getting coffee and making copies all day. Unlike some newsrooms, this one’s got real work to be done, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dive in.

Prete balances the daily tasks of doing interviews for OB Bulletin while changing his 2 1/2 year old son, Ulysses’ diapers. He lives with his family near 40th Avenue and Ulloa.

Surviving the fog – 5 tips to happy outer city living

Creative Commons - Mike Behnken

Living in the avenues and neighborhoods of SF’s outer parts has many upsides. It’s quiet, there’s parking, close proximity to nature (beach and park), and plenty of that good ol’ rural neighborhoody feelin’!
However, there are some hurdles for each resident to jump as well.
There’s the fog. Sure, some people love it. But no matter how much you adore cool damp air, it eventually messes with your mental state.
We’re mad isolated out here too.
So listen up Sunseters… here are a few tips to keep you on the up and up!
1. Meet your neighbors
They might seem weird/quiet/raucous/creepy – whatever it is you, share common space now, so make nice, even if you’re not going to have dinner together.
2. Get out and go

Creative Commons - Hamed Saber

Not actually leave – although you should do that too – but run/walk/surf/swim/bike, get your blood flowing. Exercise is fantastic for the soul and helps when the fog finally creeps into your brain and becomes depressing.
3. Have a gathering
Whether in the day or night, at your home or in the park, get all your friends to come to your side of town. You’ll feel stoked to show them around a new ‘hood, and they’ll be excited to try something new. Everyone wins!
4. Ride Muni
Even if you’re not going anywhere specific, just explore the city via public transportation. It’s fun, adventurous, and environmentally friendly! You may even find yourself in a sunnier part of town!
5. Watch the sunset
Obviously this is a rare occurrence in the fog-soaked outer lands, but when it does indeed shine through, the sight is epic! Make sure you get somewhere you can see it set, you won’t regret it!

A conversation with new “local” Justin Atchley

I took a few minutes to interview a neighborhood newbie the other day.
Justin has newly moved to the area from his hometown of Lake Tahoe via Santa Cruz.
Justin was my first friend at Cabrillo College back in 2007.

He is a solid guy and I thought I’d catch up with him about his newest move to learn a bit more about him.

Take a listen here!

Castles in the Sky

Check out this newish movie by Taylor Steele if you haven’t yet.

It’s not Sipping Jetstreams, but it still has a lotta oomph.

Like his previous films, Steele has a way of creating surf films for surfers and non-surfers alike. They are adventures in life. With some really sweet surf footage too!

The cinematography, soundtrack, and cast are all incredible.

Rob Machado in Peru, Dane Reynolds in Iceland, and Rasta in India, are a few of the many sweet ass surf adventures.

Check out the trailer here….

Sign this petition!

Sure, this isn’t in SF. It’s not even near SF. But I’m sure if SF needed some signatures to protect our beaches and ocean water quality, local Malibu environmental enthusiasts would have no problem joining our fight.

So, please sign this petition to support clean water in Malibu and septic prohibition.

Malibu Lagoon Beach courtesy of Surfrider Foundation


Save The Waves and FCD Create “FUERZA CHILE!” Benefit T-Shirt — Fletcher Chouinard Designs to support Chile earthquake relief