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An Outerlands Adventure

This video was born out of a love for a very special restaurant in my neighborhood. Ok, so it’s not the most objective reporting I’ve ever done, but you go there and then tell me you aren’t inspired to write a romantic poem about that delicious bread.
Please enjoy, and if you haven’t been yet, go!


Take this social networking survey!

Please take my social networking survey! I’m writing an in-depth story about Facebook and relationships and I need 100 people to take the survey total. Please help me out!!!

Ocean Beach whale mural comes alive

This is a beautifully done video by Angel Marin about the recently painted whale mural at Sunset Co-op Nursery School by Chris Del Moro. Check it out!

Chasing the pow

Photo credit: boolve via Creative Commons

We’ve had a great early snow season so far, and those of us who live for the white chilly goodness are salivating in anticipation for another dump … or two or three!
But one ill does plague many of us still. This wicked recession is making it hard to eat, let alone go on a quick vacation to Tahoe.
So this is a guide to making it work. Where there’s a mountainous will, there’s a three-feet-of-new-snow-just-last-night sorta way.
First, make friends! If yours can’t go, find some others that want to play in the snow as bad as you do. There’s always Craigslist rideshare which might sound creepy, but realistically can be really effin cool for making new connections.

Photo credit: Gwennypics via Creative Commons

Carpooling is absolutely essential for saving money and making the trip cost effective.
Second, hit the grocery store before you leave. Buying bulk can feed more people and go farther. Make sando’s for the slope and get something easy for breaky — like granola and yogurt.

Photo credit: bensonkua via Creative Commons

And let’s not forget the sauce. Alcoholic drinks are astronomically expensive at resorts so invest in a cheap flask and buy some yummy spiced rum or tummy warming whiskey to sip on.
Third, find sleeping accommodations. If you have to, there’s always the possibility of driving up and back in a day, it’s not thaaaat long. Without traffic we’re looking at about three hours, no biggie. If you’ve got a little extra cashish, check out Craigslist rentals or Tahoe listings on VRBO.
There’s also some killer hotel deals in nearby towns such as Auburn. It’s definitely the more the merrier when it comes to crashing out. Floor space is crucial. Finally, we come to the gear and pass. Ugh.
Without these two, learning to snowboard seems nearly impossible for students and those of us that fall into the low income bracket. But never fear!
You can rent ski’s or boards and boots and bindings at Tahoe Dave’s for a mere $29 a day!

Photo credit: fun-g via Creative Commons

For great lift ticket deals check out this site!
Honestly, if you love snow like I do, getting a season pass just makes more sense. And if you’re a student, even better! Right now you can get a pass to Sierra, Northstar and Heavenly for $279. It may seem like a hefty chunk of dough, but as long as you go more than four times, the pass is golden. Then borrow some clothes from friends. Most snow bums have multiple jackets, pants and beanies. Even goggles and helmets! Get it!

Photo credit: alexindigo via Creative Commons