Fear The Beard!

JT Yeh and Lorenzo Navarro were just another couple of excited Giants fans until they became recognized for what they refer to as a “Fear The Beard movement.”
Fear The Beard refers to the Giants closing pitcher, Brian Wilson, a naturally light-headed man, with a dark dyed beard.
His reputation as an aggressive and fearsome pitcher has been observed by many and imitated by a few.
Not only is his beard a topic amongst ball parkers, but the ‘twittersphere’ has been alive with commentary about Wilson’s furry face mask.

Here are a few of the most comical beard tweets from the Oct. 20 game:
mattufford‎: “I know this old news, but my God is Brian Wilson’s beard spectacular. It’s a glorious combination of Chia & hair implants & stage makeup.”
Twyler‎: “Brian Wilson’s beard is really intimidating, but so are his crazy eyes. I would be scared to face him. Plus, he can kind of throw.”
CREZBasketball‎: “Brian Wilson’s beard gives him super powers I’m convinced.”

Well, whatever Wilson’s beard is really capable of will remain a mystery, his facial hair maintaining a baseball star reputation in itself.

Yeh and Navarro recognize the infamous beard as a style that will go down in history. They each wear their own Wilson-style beard in solidarity. These guys have not missed a game, whether inside AT&T Park or at a neighborhood bar, they make the trek from their homes in Santa Cruz to be there and represent their movement, in full beard-force.

They have even gone as far to get t-shirts printed with their signature ‘Fear the Beard’ logo and graphic, stuffing them into backpacks and bootlegging them far and wide.

But it all really all comes back to the skills behind the beard, and Wilson’s got true game.

According to Yeh, “[Wilson is] the best closer in the National League, and possibly the best in majors. [His beard] can be purple for all I care. I just want to support the team.”

And support we all will, hopefully into the World Series! Go Giants!

Buy cool beard gear and check out the official Fear The Beard website!


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