Surviving the fog – 5 tips to happy outer city living

Creative Commons - Mike Behnken

Living in the avenues and neighborhoods of SF’s outer parts has many upsides. It’s quiet, there’s parking, close proximity to nature (beach and park), and plenty of that good ol’ rural neighborhoody feelin’!
However, there are some hurdles for each resident to jump as well.
There’s the fog. Sure, some people love it. But no matter how much you adore cool damp air, it eventually messes with your mental state.
We’re mad isolated out here too.
So listen up Sunseters… here are a few tips to keep you on the up and up!
1. Meet your neighbors
They might seem weird/quiet/raucous/creepy – whatever it is you, share common space now, so make nice, even if you’re not going to have dinner together.
2. Get out and go

Creative Commons - Hamed Saber

Not actually leave – although you should do that too – but run/walk/surf/swim/bike, get your blood flowing. Exercise is fantastic for the soul and helps when the fog finally creeps into your brain and becomes depressing.
3. Have a gathering
Whether in the day or night, at your home or in the park, get all your friends to come to your side of town. You’ll feel stoked to show them around a new ‘hood, and they’ll be excited to try something new. Everyone wins!
4. Ride Muni
Even if you’re not going anywhere specific, just explore the city via public transportation. It’s fun, adventurous, and environmentally friendly! You may even find yourself in a sunnier part of town!
5. Watch the sunset
Obviously this is a rare occurrence in the fog-soaked outer lands, but when it does indeed shine through, the sight is epic! Make sure you get somewhere you can see it set, you won’t regret it!


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