Where’s the coverage for us outerlings?

Sure, the Sunset District might be out there. Although this area of SF covers a good junk of the city, it’s relatively quiet and suburban.

It seems at this point that all Sunset locals have to look to for news, recommendations, and other random tips is EveryBlock San Francisco.

My thoughts are that there is way more going out here than one might assume.

The Richmond District blog has great coverage of everything “Richmond,” but no one has yet to dedicate a page to the fantastic Sunset!

From the Golden Gate Park to the SF Zoo and all along Ocean Beach where surfers go to check the day’s surf conditions and weather.

The de Young museum offers shows culture for the masses, conveniently located in GG Park between the Sunset and Richmond.

Take a stroll through the massive park and discover the SF Conservatory of Flowers, the Botanical Gardens, and

The Sunset does have a community center, offering classes and workshops for the whole fam.

I hope to be that missing link in the Sunset community, helping to bring it all together somewhere accessible and exciting!


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